Ukrainian cases. Lesson 9

Free Ukrainian course. Ukrainian cases - Lesson 9

Ukrainian cases
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Lesson 9: Орудний відмінок – Частина 2.
Instrumental – Part 2.

Part 2 – The instrumental case of adjectives

!!! This course requires basic knowledge of Ukrainian. If this is not your case, we recommend you our Basic Ukrainian Course!!!

We will learn how to express well the adjectives in instrumental and will finish with this case for beginners.

Introduction to Ukrainian cases

to the instrumental case

When is the instrumental case used?

Generally, we use the instrumental case…

  • to express the “instrument” used to perform an action:

  • with the preposition “з” (with):

  • to tell the parts of the day:
Він пише
He writes
with a pen
Я йду туди з тобою I go there with you
Кава з молоком Coffee with milk
ранок / вранці morning / in the morning
день / вдень afternoon / in the afternoon
вечір / ввечорі evening / in the evening

What will we learn in this lesson?

We are going to learn the genitive case of different adjectives and pronouns.

Ukrainian vocabulary

Ukrainian vocabulary

Read, listen and repeat the basic vocabulary of this lesson.

If you still don’t know how to read the Cyrillic alphabet, visit our course on how to read Ukrainian.


for children, children’s




in front of




cook, culinary expert





дивувати + Instr.

to by surprised by smth.

цікавитися + Instr.

to be interested in





займатися + Instr.

to occupy oneself with

піднімати настрій

to raise someone’s spirits



керувати + Instr.

to manage, to control

пишатися + Instr.

to be proud of


huge, great

Ukrainian dialogues


Read, listen and pay attention to the cases used

Extra help: highlighted cases + tables

We have highlighted the words in intrumental. You can also look up these grammar tables while you read the dialogues:

These tables will open in a new window

Ukrainian grammar

Ukrainian grammar

Read the following grammar summary. We will learn the cases from this lesson.

The instrumental Case: Adjetives

In the dialogues we have seen examples of Instrumental Case (Instr.) in adjectives. Below we will learn more about it.

Adjective + Noun in singular
We have highlighted the endings in the tables for each gender.
Adjective + Noun in plural
We have highlighted the endings in the tables for each gender.

Masculine: -им

  • Це мій новий студент (Nom.). This is my new student.
  • Я задоволений моїм новим студентом (Instr.). I am pleased with my new student.

Masculine: -ими

  • Це мої нові студенти (Nom.). These are my new students.
  • Я задоволений моїми новими студентамм (Instr.). I am pleased with my new students.

Feminine: -ою

  • Це моя цікава книга (Nom.). This is my interesting book.
  • Я задоволений моєю цікавою книгою (Instr.). I am pleased with my interesting book.

Feminine: -ими

  • Це мої цікаві книги (Nom.). These are my interesting books.
  • Я задоволений моїми цікавими книгами (Instr.). I am pleased with my interesting books.

Neuter: -им

  • Це моє велике вікно (Nom.). This is my big window.
  • Я задоволений моїм великим вікном (Instr.). I am pleased with my big window.

Neuter: -ими

  • Це мої великі вікна (Nom.) These are my big windows.
  • Я задоволений моїми великими вікнами (Instr.). I give a present to my big windows.
Ukrainian test


Check if you know this lesson:

1. Fill the gap in the sentenсe: Я став … лікарем

2. Instrumental endings for adjectives in plural are…

3. The instrumental singular form for “нова робота” is …
нової роботи
новою роботою
новими роботами

4. What option is NOT instrumental?
нашій квартирі
свіжим хлібом
великою компанією

5. Finish the sentenсe: Я зустрічаюсь з …
моїми братом
моїми братами
мої браття

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