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This is the best Ukrainian course in the world, and it’s 100% free! Learn Ukrainian with our lessons. Start from zero and learn new words and expressions. The audio will help you along the way:

  • Step-by-step learning
  • From beginner to intermediate
  • With audio
Ukrainian texts with audio

Ukrainian texts and dialogues with audio

Do you want to practice and improve your language skills? You are in the right place! These texts and dialogues are graded by level (beginner, intermediate and advanced). On top of that, native speakers have recorded them, so you can listen to real Ukrainian. It’s time to practice!

  • Texts and dialogues from beginner to advanced
  • With English translations
  • With audio
Ukrainian Phrasebook

Phrasebook: Ukrainian phrases

When learning a foreign language, memorizing some phrases is truly helpful. That’s why we have put together this collection of common phrases in Ukrainian. Learn them, and you’ll always know what to say.

  • Phrases for everyday situations
  • Arranged by topics (communication, tourists and basic vocabulary)
  • With English translation and audio

Ukrainian Grammar

Ukrainian Grammar

Do you want to understand how the Ukrainian language is built? Learning grammar is an essential part of the language-learning process.

  • Grammar tables for beginners and experts
  • Explained and easy to use

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Free Ukrainian courses

Free Ukrainian course with audio

Ukrainian lessons for beginners: Learn to read the Ukrainian alphabet, discover your first words in Ukrainian, and master the grammar with our easy dialogues and clear explanations. Learn Ukrainian with the most effective online course.

Ukrainian courses
Texts with audio

Texts with audio of different levels

Here, you will find a collection of very useful Ukrainian texts with professional audio and translation. The texts are graded by level: beginner, intermediate and advanced. Learn everyday Ukrainian. Listen to native Ukrainian speakers and improve your vocabulary today!

Texts + audio
Dialogues with audio

Dialogues with audio and translation

Conversational dialogues on everyday topics. Dive into the world of Ukrainian conversation. Listen to and read the dialogues, which have been translated into English. The dialogues are professionally recorded by native speakers and include a list of useful phrases. Speak like a native!

Dialogues + audio
Ukrainian grammar

Ukrainian grammar tables

Learn to master the most challenging topics in Ukrainian grammar: cases, verb conjugation, tenses and more. Stop feeling frustrated by Ukrainian endings. Well-arranged tables, examples and clear explanations will help you speak Ukrainian correctly.

Tables + examples
Ukrainian music

Ukrainian music + text + translation

Learn Ukrainian by listening to popular songs. We added the text and its translation to each song.

Ukrainian music

Why learn Ukrainian?

The Ukrainian language is one of the oldest East Slavic languages with a long and exciting history. The origin of the Ukrainian language is traced back to the early medieval state of Kyivan Rus (a powerful state located in the territory of modern Ukraine). This beautiful and melodic language has been in common use since the late 17th century when it was spoken by famous warriors called the Cossacks. By learning the Ukrainian language you can get closer to Ukrainian culture, folk songs and literature. The Ukrainian language is spoken by approximately 40 million people. The largest Ukrainian communities are in Russia (more than 3 million people), Canada (around 1,5 million people) and the United States (1 million people).

Interesting facts about Ukrainian

The first words ever written in Ukrainian are dated to the year 448 AD. At that period, the Eastern Roman diplomat and historian Priscus of Panium was on the territory of modern Ukraine in the camp of the ruler Attila. He wrote down the words «мед» (honey) and «страва» (dish).

During the time of the Russian Empire the Ukrainian language was banned from usage in the majority of modern Ukraine. However, it has always maintained a sufficient base in Western Ukraine, where the language was never banished.

Nowadays, Ukrainian usage is increasing. The language has become popular in other countries through movies and songs performed in Ukrainian.

Do you want to surprise your Ukrainian friends with your knowledge of this beautiful language? This is your chance!