Free Ukrainian courses

Free Ukrainian courses
Learn Ukrainian with us!

Welcome to our Ukrainian lessons We have created 3 courses that will take you from the most basic level to a medium command of the language. More than 2 hours of audio will help you along the way. Moreover, since each course is an independent learning unit, you can choose where to start. Thanks for choosing us to learn Ukrainian!

Step 1
Learn to read

Course: How to read Ukrainian
Level: Beginner
Lessons: 5 (with audio)

Learn to read the Cyrillic alphabet in 5 simple lessons. Listen to our professional audio and do the pronunciation exercises.

Part 1: All Ukrainian letters

Discover the Cyrillic alphabet and learn your first words in Ukrainian. Is it possible to start reading Ukrainian in a couple of days? With our course, it is!

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

Lesson 3

Lesson 4

Part 2: Review and dialogues

Review all the useful phrases that you have learnt so far and enjoy reading your first dialogues in Ukrainian.

Lesson 5

Step 2
Learn to speak

Course: Basic Ukrainian course
Level: Beginner – Intermediate
Lessons: 15 (with audio)

Make a quick start in Ukrainian with these lessons. Start from zero and enjoy learning this awesome language.

Part 1: Basic concepts

Lesson 1 Your first words in Ukrainian

Lesson 2 The present tense singular

Lesson 3 Formal/informal “you” | Present plural

Lesson 4 Verb conjugations

Lesson 5 Review of lessons 1 to 4

Part 2: Intermediate level

Lesson 6 The past tense

Lesson 7 Reflexive verbs

Lesson 8 Possessive pronouns | Adjectives

Lesson 9 Introduction to Ukrainian cases

Lesson 10 Review of lessons 6 to 9

Part 3: Verbs advanced level

Lesson 11 Imperfective and perfective verbs

Lesson 12 The imperative

Lesson 13 The future tense

Lesson 14 Verbs of motion

More lessons soon!

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Step 3
Ukrainian cases

Course: Ukrainian cases
Level: Intermediate – Advanced
Lessons: 12 (with audio)

The Ukrainian case system is a great challenge. Are you ready to learn the case endings with us?


Lesson 1 Accusative of inanimate nouns

Lesson 2 Accusative of animate nouns

Lesson 3 Accusative of adjectives


Lesson 4 Genitive of nouns

Lesson 5 Genitive of adjectives


Lesson 6 Dative of nouns

Lesson 7 Dative of adjectives


Lesson 8 Instrumental of nouns

Lesson 9 Instrumental of adjectives


Lesson 10 Prepositional of nouns

Lesson 11 Prepositional of adjectives


Lesson 12 Vocative of nouns

Which course should I choose first? You can start with any of them. It all depends on your current level of Ukrainian:

  • Learn how to read Ukrainian If this is your first contact with the language, you should start here. Ukrainian is written with the Cyrillic alphabet and knowing it is essential. This is a course with 5 lessons that includes audio and pronunciation exercises.
  • Basic Ukrainian course 15 lessons with audio recorded by native speakers. You don’t need to speak a single word to start this course and once you have finished it, you’ll be able to understand more than you can imagine. Try it!
  • Learn the Ukrainian cases If you already know some Ukrainian or if you’ve finished the basic course, here you’ll find 12 lessons devoted to the Ukrainian case system. You’ll gain a better understanding of this important part of the Ukrainian language. More than 30 dialogues with audio wait for you.