Free Ukrainian Course. Lesson 6

Free Ukrainian course - Lesson 6

Free Ukrainian Course
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Lesson 6:

Вчо́ра я нічо́го не знав, але́ сього́дні зна́ю все!

Yesterday I didn’t know anything, but today I know everything!

In this lesson you will learn:

  • to conjugate verbs in the past tense
  • to use the past tense of “бу́ти”

In this lesson, we will study the past tense in Ukrainian and learn to use the verb “бу́ти” (to be) in the past. You’ll see that by memorizing a couple of endings, you’ll be able to express a lot of ideas. And, as usual, our dialogues will provide you with interesting expressions and useful grammar structures.

Useful phrase in Ukrainian

Useful phrase in Ukrainian

Listen and repeat the following sentence:

Вчо́ра я нічо́го не знав, але́ сього́дні зна́ю все!

Yesterday I didn’t know anything, but today (I) know everything!

Ukrainian vocabulary

Ukrainian vocabulary

Read, listen and repeat the basic vocabulary of this lesson:








all / everything






in / on




to look / to watch

Ukrainian dialogues


These dialogues will help you memorise this lesson’s vocabulary:

Ukrainian grammar

Ukrainian grammar

Read the following grammar explanations for this lesson:

The past tense in Ukrainian

It’s very easy to form the past tense in Ukrainian. You have to remember only 4 endings. Let’s see what you have to do step by step.

First, you remove “ти” from the verb (for example гада́ти –> гада-). Then you add one of these endings:

  • for masculine singular (він гада́в)
  • -ла for feminine singular (вона́ гада́ла)
  • -ло for neuter singular (воно́ гада́ло)
  • -ли for every form of plural (вони́́ гада́ли) and for both formal forms (Ви/ви гада́ли)


  • I thought (said by a woman):я гада́ла
  • I thought (said by a man): я гада́в

  • You did (it’s a woman who did): ти роби́ла
  • You did (it’s a man who did): ти роби́в

  • She saw: Вона́ ба́чила
  • He saw: він ба́чив

  • We wanted: Ми хотíли
  • You (plural) wanted: Ви хотíли
  • They wanted: Вони́ хотíли

  • You talked (said to one person, addressing him or her formally): Ви розмовля́ли
  • You talked (said to more than one person, addressing them formally): Ви розмовля́ли

Pronunciation of “Л”: Now you will see that, to build the past tense in Ukrainian, you only have to add “-в” (for masculine), “-ла” (for femenine) or “-ли” (for plural form) to the verb root. Pay attention to the sound of “л”: “-ли” sounds like in “litter”, but for “-ла” and “-ло” the sound is a bit different (similar to the one in “title”).

How to translate Ukrainian verbs in the past tense

In Ukrainian there is only one form to express the past tense. However, in English there are many.

This means that, for example, “я гада́в” could be translated for “I thought”, “I was thinking”, “I have thought” “I have been thinking”,… The context will always helps us know which “past” in English we should use.

Ukrainian conjugations: the verb “бу́ти” in the Past

As you know from our previous lessons, the verb to be (бу́ти) is not used in the present tense in Ukrainian. However, in the past it IS used and it follows the same rules as the rest of the verbs. Look at its endings:

Verb “бу́ти” (to be) in the Past
Я був
Ти був
Він був
Вона́ була́
Воно́ було́
Ми були́
Ви були́
Вони́ були́

Ukrainian conjugations: verbs “розмовля́ти” and “ба́чити”

In this lesson we give you the verb “ба́чити” (to see) conjugated in the present and past tenses. Compare it with the verb “розмовля́ти” (to speak).

Present я ба́чу
ти ба́чиш
він/вона́/воно́ ба́чить
ми ба́чимо
ви ба́чите
вони́ ба́чать
Present я розмовля́ю
ти розмовля́єш
він/вона́/воно́ розмовля́є
ми розмовля́ємо
ви розмовля́єте
вони́ розмовля́ють
Past ба́чив
Past розмовля́в
Ukrainian test


Check how much you have learnt in this lesson:

1. Complete the sentence: Я ……. не зна́ю..

2. Complete the sentence: Я ….. тебе́ вчо́ра.

3. How do you say “They were at the cinema”?
вони́ були́ в кіно́
вона́ був у кіно́
ви були́ в кіно́

4. Complete the sentence: Ви …цей фільм?

5. How many Past tenses are there in Ukrainian?
as many as in English

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