Free Ukrainian Course. Lesson 5

Free Ukrainian Course
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Lesson 5: Review of lessons 1 – 4

In this lesson you will learn:

  • the most important words and grammar rules from lessons 1 to 4
  • different ways to say hello and goodbye
  • new Ukrainian verbs and their conjugation

Let’s review what we have learnt before. We will also see some new words and verb form.

Useful phrase in Ukrainian

Useful phrase in Ukrainian

Listen and repeat the following sentences:

Lesson 1
Привíт! Як спра́ви?
Lesson 2
Я розмовля́ю украї́нською ду́же до́бре.
Lesson 3
Ви́бачте, я не розумíю.
Ukrainian vocabulary

Ukrainian vocabulary

Read, listen and repeat the vocabulary of this lesson:

We already know that in Ukrainian, there are different types of verb conjugation. When you see a new verb try to remember its endings. Here we have several verbs for you to remember:

зна́ти (to know) – 1st conjugation
я зна́ю
ти зна́єш
він/вона́ зна́є
ми зна́ємо
ви зна́єте
вони́ зна́ють
роби́ти (to do) – 2nd conjugation
я роблю́
ти ро́биш
він/вона́ ро́бить
ми ро́бимо
ви ро́бите
вони́ ро́блять

An Ukrainian verb belongs to one of these two conjugation (unless it is an irregular verb). That is why conjugating a Ukrainian verb is easy. As an example, now you will learn four new verbs: працюва́ти, мрíяти (they conjugate like “зна́ти”), ба́чити (it conjugates like “роби́ти”) and хотíти (this verb is irregular, pay attention to its endings).

працюва́ти (to work)
я працю́ю
ти працю́єш
він/вона́ працю́є
ми працю́ємо
ви працю́єте
вони працю́ють
мрíяти (to dream)
я мрíю
ти мрíєш
він/вона́ мрíє
ми мрíємо
ви мрíєте
вони́ мрíють
ба́чити (to see)
я ба́чу
ти ба́чиш
він/вона́ ба́чить
ми ба́чимо
ви ба́чите
вони́ ба́чуть
хотíти (to want)
я хо́чу
ти хо́чеш
він/вона́ хо́че
ми хо́чемо
ви хо́чете
вони́ хо́чуть

In our first lessons, we’ve learnt how to say hello and goodbye in different ways. Here you will find some more ways to greet people in Ukrainian.


Hello (informal)


Hello (formal)

До́брий день

Hello (literally “good day”)

До́брий ра́нок

Good morning

До́брий ве́чір

Good evening

На добра́ніч

Good night

До поба́чення

See you later

До зу́стрічі

See you later


Bye (informal)

Ukrainian grammar

Ukrainian grammar

Let’s review the most important grammar aspects that we should know by now:

Verb “to be” in the present tense

In modern Ukrainian, the verb “бу́ти” is not used in present tense (but it is in the past and future).

The articles in Ukrainian

Articles don’t exist in Ukrainian. That’s why a word like “кни́га” could mean either “a book” or “the book”.

Making questions in Ukrainian

If you want to make a question in Ukrainian, you just need to use the symbol “?”. Its means that:

  • you do not need to change the position of the verb: Ви розмовля́єте украї́нською? (Do you speak Ukrainian?)
  • you do not need to use an auxiliary verb like “do” in English.

The three Ukrainian genders

There are 3 genters in Ukrainian: masculine, feminine and neuter.

How to say “you” in Ukrainian

In Ukrainian, there are two different ways to say “you”: ви (formal and plural) and ти (informal, singular).

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